Should grammar matter for a job?


Should grammar matter when applying for a job? I can’t believe somebody under 50 thinks that is true.
This is an amazing little radio interview: a 20-something owner of an e-business who whon’t hire a programmer who fails the company’s grammar test – this guy is swimming upstream, and he’s under attack from NYT and national press for being “elitist”!
Should grammar matter? Should spelling matter? I think it’s a generational issue that will disappear when the old foagies die off. In the meantime, people who don’t pay attention to these details are at risk for being perceived as illiterate.
The nuns had the right idea in my 1960s-era Catholic grammar school. We learned basic grammar by diagramming sentences. This method still works.. They sell books on this topic on Amazon – every 2 years or so I buy a workbook and do the exercises – just to stay in writing shape! …
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