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A Tale of Two Transitions – One of Them Is Mine, and the Other Might be Yours


Donald Burns Resume Writer
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I’m Donald Burns Resume Writer: Since 2008, I’ve repackaged about 1200 executives – including some very high-profile business leaders you’ve probably seen on TV or in the Wall Street Journal. In addition to my reputation as an award winning resume writer, I also happen to be “poster child for job-changers,” I understand firsthand the dreams – and worst nightmares – of my clients who are making transitions.

I’ve enjoyed each of my 5 careers and don’t regret a single choice. But I do regret having wasted so much time while making each transition. I figured out everything by myself – trial and error – but my clients need not do that. They tell me where they want to go, and I find the surest shortcuts to get them there!


Sixteen-Time National Award Winner
(TORI Competitions for Writing Excellence)





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