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As you peruse these award-winning resume samples, notice that each of them – in varying degree – incorporate the 4 elements of my “4-legged stool” of an unbeatable resume. If you do these 4 things, your own resume will ascend to that tiny percentage or resume samples that break through to the interview.

#1 – The resume must be easy to read – two problems in this area are the text itself and the formatting.

Here’s a sample of badly written text – it’s illiterate – barely makes any sense in English. Possibly the person can’t write, or maybe he was drunk when he wrote this. Likewise, bad formatting is a common problem. This sample is so dense that nobody will read it. If it looks difficult to read, then nobody will read it. So always make the text bite-sized and easy to read.

Problem #2 – Focus your resume on one idea. We call this the almighty power of ONE. Most resumes show a bunch of random jobs splattered all over the wall. No focus.

The goal here is #1 – to connect these splattered blobs with a common theme and #2 – to focus the resume like a laser beam on a single job target.

Here’s how I solve the focus problem and make the resume coherent. I use a method that I call the GOLDEN THREAD. It’s a simplified version of personal branding. I start way back in high school and connect all the dots of a career from high school up the present. By connecting the dots, you’ll discver a theme. And then use that theme to shape the headline, subheading, and summary paragraph.”

When you figure out the golden thread, you’ll find a coherent theme for your resume. Here are three examples: A financier – branded as unabashedly optimistic, big thinking, and “intensely curious.” That’s her lifelong golden thread. Here’s a heavyweight advertising visionary, nicknamed “Mr. Times Square,” he harnesses the power of big ideas. ” And finally a CEO in financial services – branded as an investment pioneer – and chief investment advisor to one of the world’s richest men.

#3 – Key aspect of all these unbeatable resume samples – they organize experience via success stories.

This is old advice – variations of the “CAR” formula – challenge, actions, results, and legacy. Most people have heard of this CAR formula, so I won’t belabor it here. People know about it, the problem is they don’t use it on their resumes. Here are 2 succinct examples of CAR format – a data warehouse that generated new revenue for Federal Express, and an invention for retail – called bra navigation – that generates $65 million annually.

#4 The secret ingredient of an unbeatable resume is EMOTION

Make sure your readers can feel the heat.

Most resumes start out like Frankenstein – they’re just a collection of dead body parts – but all hell breaks loose when the mad scientist zaps him with a spark, a lightning bolt …
and that was 80 years before Obamacare …

So to stand out in a good way, your resume must show some signs of life. But bringing a resume to life is dangerous – if you screw this up, you’ll create a monster.
You want to add some passion or spark – but the key rule is that a little of this goes a long way. Here are some examples – some resume elements that show signs of life:

Warning! Car Nut on Board! That’s for a consultant – in retail auto. Failure is not an option – that was for a chief investment officer. Savoring the sweet smell of success – that was CMO in luxury fragrances. And here’s a colorful storyboard – how to catch a $6 million cyber thief. And, finally, here’s some plain old text that tells a very dramatic personal story,

So those are the 4 elements of the 4- legged stool – and the 4 key prerequisites embodied in this collection of AAAA resume samples.

If you do all four, I promise that your resume will stand out in a good way.
That’s all for now, and I do wish you the very best of good luck in your career!

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