Coming Soon: Searching the Hidden Job Market — My Guerrilla-Marketing JobSearch Campaigns

Launching in April 2017 – Watch this space 
You’ll be astonished at what is possible for you!






Electronic ATS filters,

Predictive Analytics,


As Bernie S. and The Donald might say, “the game is rigged against you!”

I’m fed up watching baby boomers get creamed by this job market.

There’s a jobs war going on

Highly unlikely you’ll ever get hired via “conventional wisdom” you’re hearing about “best practices,” blah blah blah.

It’s all BS- maybe that advice actually worked in 1995, when the Internet was new.

“Career Services Industry” and outplacement offices are mostly stuck in mid-1990s.

If you follow “conventional wisdom,” your options are surrender, early retirement, unemployment insurance, welfare, or more alcohol.

You’ll never win today’s job war using conventional “1990s” tactics.

To win, you must adopt an all-or-nothing, down-and-dirty guerrilla mentality

That’s where I come in

Learn from me.

I’ll show you guerrilla weapons, tactics, and strategy – keys to the back doors – so you can sidestep the treat electronic wall.

We start with a burning desire to achieve a specific career goal …

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