The Mind Control LinkedIn Profile: How to Control the Minds of Visitors to Your LinkedIn Profile



The ability to remotely control the human mind already exists – we call it “ADVERTISING!”

Companies have been scientifically perfecting this form of “mind control” for at least 120 years – but few people apply any of these principles to LinkedIn (or their resumes).  Video: How to a #1 copy writing secret to engage visitors to your LinkedIn profile:


The 3 Easiest Ways to Transform Your LinkedIN Profile

Here are 3 simple tips that will absolutely, positively transform your LinkedIn profile. I peruse dozens of LinkedIn profiles each month, and most have one – sometimes all – of the following 3 problems:


What Is Going on Here? 4 Things You Need to Know About the “New” LinkedIN Profile



Alert! The New Multimedia Features on Your LinkedIN Profile

In November 2012, LinkedIn introduced simple multimedia. Really simple. In the past, adding a video to your LinkedIn profile was a major production. Now it’s incredibly easy. If you are a CFO or engineering department head, you might think that you can’t be bothered with video or whatever on your LinkedIn profile. Don’t kid yourself. Your peers – aka your competitors – will be adding multimedia, and so will you or you’ll be left behind.

Multimedia – videos, animated PowerPoint, whatever – is a specialty of mine and I can help you build an unbeatable LinkedIn profile. Your personal story is the #1 thing that sets you apart (Summary section). I can help you there as well.

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