Are resumes dead? — finally and for good?



Are resumes dead?

Hell, no!

Resumes (and LinkedIN) are here to stay – they will never die.
But the classic resume is not enough, and it’s being supplemented by other forms

What Do Future Resumes Look Like? Say, 5~10 Years From Now

Resumes and LinkedIN profiles are here to stay – in one form or another.
NEW: Your online reputation (aka your “personal brand”) will dominate your resume & LinkedIN.
NEW: Employers might not even need your resume – they will already know all about you. They’ll already have your info in their proprietary databases. In other words, “DON’T CALL US – WE’LL CALL YOU!” (Maybe.)

NEW: Start building your online reputation now, so employers can see you out there in the cloud, in their databases.

In the Future, Your Online reputation – your brand – IS your resume.

How do you build your “brand”? That’s the subject another video, but consider these:

First, Acquire bonafide expertise in a niche, an area of interest that you’re really passionate about. You cannot fake passionate interest.

Second, Make yourself visible, for example: LinkedIn, videos, blog, portfolio website, Kindle book, social media, executive publicity, public speaking – or any or all of the above.

For example, a handful of my clients are already doing this. I’m helping launch websites, video blogs, and so on. In a few years, everybody will be jumping on this bandwagon.

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