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IT Resume Makeover – CIO Magazine


IT Resume Makover

I’ve  contribute many IT Resume makeovers for CIO magazine, but a project like this is especially rewarding because the subject of the story – Galina – had great talent that was hidden under useless verbiage. I interviewed her for about 3 hours – 2 calls – and pulled out the type of info that recruiters and hiring managers want to hear about.

CIO — Galina Louw is a career Superwoman. But you’d never know it from looking at her original resume. The eight-page document highlighted her day-to-day grind through IT project management and business analytics positions to her current role as a CIO. And it highlights that grind in excruciating detail without emphasizing her major strengths — cleaning up big messes created by other people.

International IT resume

Unfortunately, her intense work schedule didn’t leave much time to figure this out for herself.. That’s where I come in — Donald Burns, Executive Careerr coach, Strategist, and Publicist and founder of  Executive Promotions, LLC .

I’m a seven-time National Award Winner for Resume/CV and social media writing, and wasn’t surprised by the mountain of detail in her original resume ….

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