Strengthen your brand with a blog, book, website,or video.

To win the coming jobs war, you’ll need more than a resume!

Do you have some passionate interest or personal expertise that you want to blog about? I can help you develop a blog, website, or video – or just about any writing project. Just let me know, and I’ll take it from there.

For almost 25 years – since graduating from Columbia University’s Journalism School – I’ve been writing news articles, books, web pages, B2B advertising, video scripts, and executive resumes. I adapt quickly to different projects because my personal background is diverse: Military, Electrical Engineering (BSEE, MSEE), Sales Management, MBA (finance), Trade Press, Company Journalist, and Executive Resumes.

Executive Promotions: Above and Beyond the Traditional Resume and Cover Letter

As recently as five years ago, “career communications” meant a resume and cover letter. Social media turned all that upside down.Resumes will be around forever – they’re fast and efficient for vetting a large herd of candidates – but resumes are not enough. Nowadays, you must build an online reputation for excellence in a recognizable niche (aka a “brand”).

And you must make yourself visible to people who are potentially important to your career, by mixing-and-matching some of these new elements: branding, social media, SEO, multimedia, blogs, videos, and whatever.

I can figure out your overall communication challenge – blog, website, social media apps, SEO, whatever – that’s what I mean by “Executive Promotions.” Just tell me what you’re going in your career, and I’ll find the shortcuts to get you there.

Old Wine in New Bottles: Some Things Never Change

The fundamental prerequisites for career success still apply – a strong network, talent, marketable skills, and, your ability to create value and achieve big results for employers and shareholders. But nowadays you can’t communicate all that effectively with a simple resume. No matter how great your talent and accomplishment, you are doomed if the right people don’t know you exist. That’s why you must .

I am “Mr. Blank Page”: Thank God for the blank page – it keeps me in business!

BlankPage5Despite our fancy tech wizadry, nobody has solved that prehistoric problem called “the BLANK PAGE” – we’re no better off than Neanderthals despite MS Word, blogs, and online profiles. But you need not tackle this problem alone.

I can help you in two areas: technical setup (websites, video)  and content creation. I’ll jump-start your project with writing ideas, ghost writing,  taglines – anything that requires top writing skill.


For Example, this WordPress Blog (www.Executive Prootions.com): I personally produced this very website you’re looking at right now – every bit, starting from scratch – including all of the videos and graphics:


Here are some sample projects I’ve done – websites video and others – beyond the executive resume:

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